Grace Academy - The Church of Grace Village
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Are You Looking For Safe, Nurturing, Reliable Child Care?

Grace Christian Academy

We are a ministry of the Church of Grace Village that is committed to providing affordable, quality care and academic preparation in a Gospel-centered environment to children and families in the Nipper’s Corner community.

A Ministry of The Church of Grace Village

We seek to integrate church & Academy families when possible. It is our desire to serve the families within our Academy helping with their spiritual, emotional and sometimes physical needs.


We talk openly about God and the greatness of His glory. As we seek to mature our children in their faith, we use the Bible as a means of training in character and faith. We also seek to model a daily dependence on God's grace.


We recognize the challenges that parents face with regards to finding affordable childcare. It is our desire to provide services to our families that allow us to make our care affordable and yet giving us the opportunities to best use our funds for the growth and well being or our children.

Academically Minded

We offer a challenging school preparatory curriculum that helps our children grow in their learning so that they are prepared for their next level of education. Our curriculum is Bible based and focuses on developing children spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Nipper's Corner and Surrounding Areas

We embrace the diversity of our area and create an environment that welcomes it, including staff that reflects the diversity of the community and enrollment. We blend socio-economic and ethnic diversity to create a richer experience for all.

Age Range For Our Services:

Infants- 6 months-11 months

Toddlers- 1-2 Year Olds

Pre-K 3s- 3 Year Olds

Pre-K- 4-5 Year Olds

Contact Us:

Director- Jennifer Thomas

Phone: 615-781-3968


5886 Edmondson Pike, Nashville TN 37211