Our Plans - The Church of Grace Village
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Leave A Footprint of God’s Grace in Our Community

“A church…which does not exist to do good in the slums, and dens, and kennels of the city, is a church that has no reason to justify its longer existing. A church that does not exist to reclaim heathenism, to fight with evil, to destroy error, to put down falsehood, a church that does not exist to take the side of the poor, to denounce injustice and to hold up righteousness, is a church that has no right to be. . .” (Charles Spurgeon)

The Church of Grace Village

A Vision to Take the Side of the Needy, Poor and Oppressed

Hospice Care for the Homeless

It is our plan to provide healing care to homeless men and women with late-stage and end-stage AIDS and terminal cancer through physical nurturing, spiritual companionship and the restoration of dignity.

Home for Victims of Human Trafficking

In the state of Tennessee, 94 teens a month are deceived, tormented and sold, usually for sex. We want to be a part of helping to end human trafficking. Our role is to provide a home for women who have been abused and oppressed through sex trafficking.

Palmer Home for Needy Boys and Girls

Serving individual children and sibling groups, Palmer Home for Children provides a family and community to children in need regardless of race, gender or background.

Counseling Center

We believe a huge need within our village and our surrounding community is to be able to help individuals through counseling. Our village will offer counseling to our community as well as to those living on our campus.